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  • Award winner Thaïs Odermatt, International Shortfilm Festival Winterthur, 2011

  • Award winner Pao Paixao, International Shortfilm Festival Winterthur, 2012

  • Award winner Sahar Suliman, International Shortfilm Festival Winterthur, 2009

  • Award winner Nikola Ilić, International Shortfilm Festival Winterthur, 2015, Foto: Susanne Hefti/IKFTW

  • Award winner Samuel Morris, International Shortfilm Festival Winterthur, 2014

  • Award winner Flo Baumann, International Shortfilm Festival Winterthur, 2013

Shortrun Preis
Tweaklab & IKTW

Since the year 2009 Tweaklab has donated the Shortrun Price for a Swiss short film project in one of the genres feature film, documentary, experimental film or art film. An extensive exposé or a film script must be submitted, and if possible already existing film sequences. The price consists of services in the area of postproduction worth 12’000 CHF. These services contain colour grading, sound mixing and mastering on HD. The length must not exceed 30 minutes. The price is awarded annually at th Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Winterthur.

The award winner 2015 is Nikola Ilić’s documentary project “Rakijada”.

Price winners so far have been Sahar Suliman with “Muséle” in the genre “arts”, in 2009. “Muséle” also won the Swiss Art Award. 2010 the Shortrun Price went to Corina Schwingruber Ilić for her video essay “Baggern”, which won several prices, the “Zürich Film Award” amongst them. And it was also nominated for the «Swiss Film Award Quartz 2012». In 2011 Thaïs Odermann’s award-winning short documentary “Kurt und der Sessellift” won the Shortrun Price, and in 2012 the documentary “From Ganga to Bollywood” by Pao Paixao was chosen by the jury. In the year 2013 the price went to the short film project “Between” by Flo Baumann and in 2014 Samuel Morris won the Price for the short fiction “Doug & Walter”, a road movie in the Swiss alps.