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  • Mobile video station, "Urban Traditions" photo: groenlandbasel

  • Mobile video station, detail, photo: groenlandbasel

  • Mobile video station, "Urban Traditions", photo: groenlandbasel

  • Videostill

  • Videostill

  • Videostill

Urban Traditions
Science et Cité

The touring exhibition “Urban Traditions” is displayed in various Swiss towns. It started in mid-January 2016 in St. Gallen as part of the Science Café of Science et Cité. The exhibition consists of two mobile interactive video stations. Priority is given to the topic of living traditions in a constantly changing communication society.

Tweaklab was commissioned to produce the content, i.e. implementing the videos and recording the interviews and portraits of the principal characters in urban traditions. The various thematic movies have been cut and postproduced by Tweaklab inhouse. Moreover, Tweaklab was responsible for the entire media technical planning and technical implementation of the two interactive stations.

Exhibition concept: Stiftung Science et Cité
Exhibition design: groenlandbasel