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  • Installation view, photo: Legionärspfad Vindonissa. Museum Aargau

  • Installation view

  • Installation view

  • Installation view, photo: Legionärspfad Vindonissa. Museum Aargau

Legionärspfad Vindonissa

The oldest example of a building structure in Switzerland is still in use today: It is the water system in Windisch, which was built 2000 years ago by Vindonissa's Roman legionaries. In a newly staged exhibition interactive media convey this architectural speciality to the visitors.

Tweaklab was assigned to implement media technical planning and installation of the various video and audio stations. An RFID system was developed specifically for this exhibition. It is attached to the backpacks of the group leader and it automatically starts up the video and audio plays, which are designed specifically for groups. At the first video station the Greek goddess Thetis talks to the visitors. At another place a training video is activated, which illustrates interesting architectural facts of that time in detail.
As an introduction into the exhibition the visitors are guided deep down to the water system by means of a 6-channel audio installation. Accompanied by the burbling of water the visitors safely reach the underground area of the exhibition. A video installation projects the water surface of the conduit via a mirror to the ceiling.
The last media installation pictures the topography of Windisch in form of a relief. By use of three pushbuttons three different periods of time can be called up interactively: the Roman, the medieval and today's.

Exhibition concept: Rahel Göldi, Leiterin Legionärspfad Vindonissa
Exhibition design: groenlandbasel

New permanent exhibition starting 01.04.2015