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  • Installation view, Museum of Nature Olten

  • Installation view, Archeological Museum Olten

  • Installation view, Archeological Museum Olten

  • Installation view, Archeological Museum Olten

New permanent exhibition
Archaeological Museum Canton Solothurn

The new permanent exhibition "What remains. Stories unearthed" takes visitors on a journey through 80,000 years of the past and presents a selection of the most beautiful finds in the Canton Solothurn.

In the entrance area, a ultrashortthrow projection in 4K resolution visualises the passage of time by combining video recordings of walking people with lines of text from historical events. Tweaklab implemented the mapping for the precisely fitting projection on the irregular wooden wall. Touch stations with Tweaklab handsets are positioned everywhere in the exhibition, on which slideshows or short film segments on topics such as glass production, trade routes, castles or excavation sites can be viewed. Five "sound showers", which are started by presence sensors, bring different epochs, such as the Iron Age, to life acoustically. Two tablets are installed in a sitting area, on which interviews with experts on excavations can be seen. The housings and the wiring were implemented by Tweaklab.

Tweaklab was commissioned with the media planning, programming and media technical installations for the entire exhibition.


Scenography: Groenlandbasel
Location: Haus der Museen Olten

New permanent exhibition as of 23.11.2019