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  • Installation view, "Ohren auf Reisen", Verein Zuhören Schweiz, Haus der Religionen Bern, photo: Verein Zuhören Schweiz

Zuhören Schweiz
Haus der Religionen Bern

Zuhören Schweiz is an association that draws attention to the importance of listening as a basic cultural skill and implements listening projects.
In the exhibition project "Ohren auf Reisen (Traveling ears)", people with migration histories create their own audio contributions that address the following questions: "What do we notice acoustically when we move to another country or a new city?", "What sounds accompany us where we live?", "And how do sounds influence our familiarity with a place?"
The exhibition features touchscreens with which the viewer can listen to twelve personal audio portraits. Tweaklab planned and programmed these audio stations.

Client: Verein Zuhören Schweiz
Location: Haus der Religionen Bern

Duration of the exhibition: 24.08.–02.10.2021