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  • Media station "Diversité des vins en Valais", Museum of Wine and Winegrowing Salgesch

  • Media station "Diversité des vins en Valais", detail, Museum of Wine and Winegrowing Salgesch

  • Media station, "Histoire", Museum of Wine and Winegrowing Salgesch

New Permanent Exhibition
Museum of Wine and Winegrowing

The Museum of Wine and Winegrowing in Salgesch was renovated in 2015 and now illustrates the great variety of winegrowing in the Valais in a truly impressive way. The new permanent exhibition not only provides an insight into history, it also places special emphasis on the diversity of the Valais wines.

Tweaklab was commissioned with the media technical consulting, planning, programming and installing of two interactive media stations.
In the first room "Histoire" the history of the wines of Valais is being told on three audio stations. To each of these three stations one character is allocated: a soldier, a bishop and a bride. Their functions are recognizable by their headdress. Using pushbuttons the visitors can start the tales in French, German or English language, and at the same time the headdress is illuminated via a light control.
A further interactive station "Diversité des vins en Valais" is devoted to the character of various wines. By means of a touch screen application various characteristics of wines can be called up. However, the taste of the wines is not the only priority, but also the correct choice of wine with meat or fish, at a wedding or funeral meal. The bottles are highlighted with regard to the accurate choice of wine with a special LED lighting.

Exhibition concept: Anne-Dominique Zufferey Périsset, Direktorin Weinmuseum
Exhibition design: Holzer Kobler Architekten GmbH

New permanent exhibition from 09.09.2015