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  • "The Problem" from Pope.L, a performance during Art Basel

The Problem

"The Problem" is a performance piece by Pope.L and was staged at the opening of Art Basel Unlimited on 13. June 2016.

A white gorilla carrying an umbrella emerges from a white stretch limo and mingles with the art audience. Being a bit confused and surprised it is looking for its way through the convention center, to finally find some stacks of 100 euro notes behind a set of three paintings at an exhibition space.

Tweaklab was commissioned to implement the artvideo and to produce a filmtrailer. The act was captured on film with two cameras, a steadycam and a handheld camera. The recorded material was cut and post processed in the digital laboratory.

Commission: Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York
Concept and copyright: Pope.L
Steadycam Operator: Sebastian Geret