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Sudga rumantscha and Tauchgang
Laax Youth Hostel

For the newly established “WellnessHostel 3000”, part of the Swiss Youth Hostels in Laax, Tweaklab has implemented two installations:

In collaboration with “Lia Rumantscha”, the association for the preservation of Rhaeto-Romansh language, Groenlandbasel designed the “Sudga rumantscha”, a “Romansh Armchair”, which introduces visitors to the Rhaeto-Romansh language in a playful way. For this purpose, a winged armchair was equipped with loudspeakers and a touch screen. The armchair is exists in two versions: one is permanently installed in the lounge of the Laax Youth Hostel, the second one moves from place to place and currently resides in the Scuol Youth Hostel.
Via the touch screen, users learn about the origin of the Rhaeto-Romansh language through an introductory film, as well as through music and interactive games.
Tweaklab was responsible for the media planning, as well as the planning of the rotatable housing, in collaboration with Kornel Vogt, Metallbau, and also for the installation of the loudspeakers and the cabling in the chair in partnership with an upholsterer. In addition, we installed a remote maintenance system through which content can be easily exchanged and any problems solved.
Furthermore, a dynamic and imaginative video installation was installed in the elevator of the youth hostel.

The youth hostel is located directly at the site of a small quarry lake. When you enter the elevator on the lowest floor, you can see the bottom of the lake on the 32” screen, which is mounted upside down in the elevator. Synchronized with the floor control of the elevator, the video begins to rise to the surface when the elevator moves- as soon as the visitors reach the top floor, they have “emerged” from the lake and are exactly above the water level.
Tweaklab did the media planning, the synchronization of the video with the lift control and the installation of the screen for this installation.

Location: Jugendherberge Laax sowie wechselnde Orte
Commission: Groenlandbasel
Mechanical collaboration: Kornel Vogt Metallbau, Basel

From December 2020