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  • Installation view "Shift" and "Wohnzimmer"

  • Installation view "Home 2.0"

HOME | Welcome to digital life
Stapferhaus Lenzburg

In this multimedia and interactive exhibition we had to cope with various challenges, such as for instance the 3-canal audio installation "Forum" Tweaklab planned and completed. It is made up of five thematic areas and three additional expert talks. The interviews can be started individually via a switch. The installation "Shift", conceptualized and implemented by Tweaklab, is comprised of a long table with ten touch screens. On these you can see TV programmes from the beginnings of TV dating shows. These TV shows were visually edited in our digital lab and adapted to the touchscreen application. The multidimensional event "HOME 2.0" consists of six audio channels and forty small LCD monitors, all of them equipped with contributions from pupils. The videos and the entire stereophonic sound installation have been synchronized. Our job involved giving advise on feasibility. Furthermore we were in charge of the project from the process of planning through to the implementation of media technology and video and audio data processing.

Exhibition concept: Stapferhaus Lenzburg
Exhibition design: groenlandbasel