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  • Visitor of the interactive "Bildfängerkabinett", MUBA 2015

  • Visitor of the interactive "Bildfängerkabinett", OLMA 2013

  • Visitor of the interactive "Bildfängerkabinett", LUGA 2014

  • SRG booth "Spiegel der Schweiz", MUBA 2015

  • Visitor of the interactive "Bildfängerkabinett", MUBA 2015

Mirror of Switzerland
SRG Deutschschweiz

SRG Deutschschweiz showcase their historical importance in their roadshow "Mirror of Switzerland". Strolling through a labyrinthine hall of mirrors the visitors arrive at the highlight of the exhibition, the "Bildfängerzimmer". Film sequences displaying Swiss television history suddenly appear out of nowhere: archived SRG recordings, which many a TV viewer remembers well, such as the one with Bundesrat Hans-Rudolf Merz having a laughing fit while reading aloud a new draft law on the production of "Bündnerfleisch" (air-dried meat from the Grisons). The visitors can capture these exhilarating mementos by simply holding a DIN-A4 sized white notecard in their hands.

"Mirror of Switzerland" was first presented at the consumer exhibition OLMA 2013 in St. Gallen. It was Tweaklab's job to arrange this unexpected appearance of the individual film sequences in technical as well as in artistic terms, and to programm and install them. Using infrared controlled image recognition software the camera recognizes the white notecards and sends a signal to the projector, after which the projector plays a randomly chosen film sequence. The lighting of the booth, consisting of several lamps and lights, is being controlled synchronously and is an integral component of the overall exhibition concept.

Concept of exhibition: teamstratenwerth
Design of exhibition: Space4