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SEXY – Driving Force of Life
Natural History Museum Basel

The world of animals is colorful and rich in forms. The same applies to the "SEXY" exhibition, which is dedicated to the varieties of reproduction, types of mating and family models in the animal kingdom. An interactive highlight of the exhibition is the game "Sperm Race". Up to six players can compete to see which sperm reaches the egg cell first. Each person takes the position of a sperm and can move forward by pressing a light button as quickly as possible. A double projection depicts the race as a 3D animation and finally shows the desired destination: the egg cell is a specially created 3D scan of a scientific model that has been subsequently animated. A sound design completes the game, which can be played by young and old together.

Tweaklab was commissioned with the planning, interaction design, programming, 3D animation, sound design and installation of the "Sperm Race". It was also responsible for the media technology planning and installation of the numerous other video and audio stations in the exhibition.

Exhibition: 10.11.2023–30.06.2024

Location: Natural History Museum Basel
Scenography and graphic design: Stauffenegger + Partner AG