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Battle of Morgarten Trail
IG Morgarten, Sattel

The Morgarten adventure hiking trail is equipped with a multi-piece radio play. The story is subdivided into seven chapters and gives a report on the current status of the Morgarten research efforts in a thrilling and funny way.

Tweaklab was responsible for the media technical planning of the seven audio stations and for the implementation of the entire radio play.
In the year 2014 a technical pre-project with a prototype was realised on site, in order to test the feasibility of the idea of this radio play trail. In June 2015 the first of seven audio stations is opened on the occasion of the great public festival «Battle of Morgarten» from 19.–21.06.2015.
Some of the audio stations are located in the open countryside. Here solutions had to be found for the electrical supply enabling the independent operation of the stations – the solution was solar technology. In addition to providing consulting services and planning of the media and solar application technology, Tweaklab also installed the audio devices.

The radio play, written by Paul Steinmann, was produced by Kaspar Hochuli from Tweaklab in close collaboration with Paul Steinmann. Speakers were cast by Tweaklab, the voice recordings were recorded at our premises, and the entire radio play edited, mixed and processed for the outdoor audio players.

Exhibition concept and design: freiraumarchitektur
Author: Paul Steinmann
Audio design: Paul Steinmann und Kaspar Hochuli
Speakers: Annette Windlin, Prisca Gaffuri, Stefan Camenzind, Peter Fischli, Florian Huber