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Miss Handicap Organisation

For the fourth time Miss and Mister Handicap will be elected end October. In a nationwide election ambassadors for people with disabilities will be chosen on 25.10.14 at KKL Luzern.  The Miss Handicap Organisation writes: “Simply impressive, no matter how life looks like, in what ways a disability impairs someone or whatever may come! On the night of the election you will meet twelve strong, cheerful and intelligent women and men, who are going to stand up for people with a disability, being their ambassadors for one year”.

In the run-up to the elections Tweaklab designed, recorded and edited twelve video portraits of the nominees. During the interviews the candidates talked about themselves and their disabilities very openly. We specifically focused on presenting the various personalities in an emphatical and genuine fashion, and to provide insights into their respective characters. Thus each video reveals information about the life of the portrait subject, but also give a lookout to the future. The short portraits can be viewed on the website and serve as the basis for the voting of ambassador 2014.

Conception: Miss Handicap Organisation