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  • Audio station

Keine Angst vor dem Berner Bär
Schloss Wildegg

On the occasion of the exhibition “1415 – Die Eidgenossen kommen” at Schloss Wildegg the audio installation “Keine Angst vor dem Berner Bär. Alter Adel – neue Herren” tells the story of the conquest of Aargau in 1415. Over seven audio stations the visitors can hear from the local nobility and the ordinary workman what has happened at the time.

Tweaklab was commissioned with the development and the media technical realisation of the audio tour. The audio stations consist of seven hemispheres with different exhibits. Audio player, speakers and motion detectors are installed in the hemispheres. By approaching the objects the radioplay and lighting control are triggered through motion.

Exhibition concept and design: ZMIK

Duration of the exhibition: 30.04.–31.10.2015