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Kampf um Neros Erbe

The focus of the new special exhibition lies on the Year of the Four Emperors 69 AD. The visitors experience the personal stories of the four emperors who, after Nero’s suicide, battled for the roman line of succession.

Tweaklab was commissioned with the media technical planning, programming, installation of the media stations as well as with the realization of the content of the audio stations. In the main space visitors see and hear the four rivaling emperors, each telling his own experience on loyalty and betrayal. The recordings of these audio stations were produced at our digital lab.

Also, through a prominently placed video projection we learn about the turmoil of the Helvetians and the 21st legion that was based in Vindonissa. The film was digitally edited by Tweaklab and adapted to the local conditions.

Exhibition design: Raumprodukt

Duration of the exhibition: 17.11.2016­–12.11.2017