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  • Booth "Loop 14", Jos. Bechtold, Swissbau Basel

  • Booth "Loop 14", Jos. Bechtold, Swissbau Basel

  • LED information display behind wood veneer with room reservation system

  • LED information wall

Loop 14
Jos. Berchtold

Tweaklab developed a unique LED information board in close cooperation with Jos. Berchtold. It is unique because the LED panels are not visible, they are fitted behind wood veneer. They light up as soon as they are loaded with texts or graphics, and only then they become visible through the wood veneer. It seems as if the wood itself would be shining.

This very poetic application was utilised in various projects, for example at the booth "Loop 14" by Jos. Berchtold at Swissbau Basel 2014.
The application's size and type of wood are flexible. You are welcome to have a look at them in our office.