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  • Installation view, Museum für Geschichte Basel

  • Installation view, Museum für Geschichte Basel

  • Installation view, Museum für Geschichte Basel

  • Installation view, Historisches Museum Basel

  • Installation view, Museum für Geschichte Basel

14/18 Switzerland and the Great War
HMB Basel & National Museum Zurich

The exhibition “14/18 – Switzerland and the Great War”, conceived by the association “Switzerland in World War I” informs in particular about social aspects of this war in Switzerland. The First World War (1914–1918) changed the world as no other war did before.
HMB – Museum für Geschichte in Basel focuses on the repercussions of the war on the city of Basel as a border city. Being an industrial city with a high amount of foreign employees Basel was badly affected. Immersing specifically into regional matters the exhibition dedicates itself to such everyday experiences.
The exhibition at the National Museum Zurich focuses on social aspects as well. About 20 theme stations, photographs, films and documents point out the changes. Audio stations convey controversial opinions about such topics as neutrality and economic policy.

Tweaklab was commissioned to realise the media technical planning, the media production and installation of media technology. Media production included recording the narrators for the audio reports and the cuts in German and French language; cutting and post production of the video works, additionally editing and processing of archival footage. Furthermore there were picture captions and subtitles added in our digital laboratory. A new interpretation of historical pictures was made possible by creating a slide show out of archive photographs and the animation of an archived picture onto a large projection. The projections were adapted using Pandoras Box on the not right-angled projection surface. This way the frail and difficult situation during World War One is being made physically perceptible in a very subtle way.

Project Management: Thomas Buomberger, Patrick Kury, Roman Rossfeld
Project Lead HMB and regional part: Gudrun Piller, Daniel Suter
Exhibition concept and design: raumprodukt and Verein Projekt “Die Schweiz im Ersten Weltkrieg”

Duration of the exhibition Historischen und Völkerkundemuseum, St.Gallen: 08.05.2015–28.02.2016
Duration of the exhibition Musée d’art et d’histoire, Neuchâtel: 14.05.–18.10.2015
Duration of the exhibition in Basel: 23.08.2014–15.02.2015
Duration of the exhibition in Zürich: 28.08.2014–28.10.2014