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  • Installation view "Glücksversprechen", 3 channel video installation

  • Installation view "Jenseits", light and sound installation

  • Installation view "Prophets", in the exhibition "GELD. Jenseits von Gut und Böse", Stapferhaus Lenzburg

  • Installation view "Fiat Money», 2 channel projection

  • Installation view "Wertmassstab", audio stations

GELD. Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Stapferhaus Lenzburg

The exhibition “GELD. Jenseits von Gut und Böse” invites to take part in a debate that has provided reason for quarrelling since ancient times: What is the value of money to us and what price do we pay for it? Is it distributed in a fair way? How much of it do we need to be happy?

The exhibition at the Zeughaus Lenzburg shines a light on the role of money in personal everyday life and in social coexistence. It guides the visitors through heaven on earth, has them swimming in money, and at the end of the round tour visitors decide for themselves how much this exhibition experience is worth to them.

Tweaklab was commissioned to do the planning and installation of the media technical stations. This included, for example, planning of the station “Confession”, where the visitors are being interviewed about their personal way of dealing with money in a survey booth. They are then rewarded for their answers with a token coin, designed especially for this exhibition. At one of the next stations this token can be exchanged automatically for a lottery scratch ticket. At the multimedia station “Prophets”  a choreography consisting of eight synchronized audio tracks and two videos was implemented in a functional interaction with a light control, in which great thinkers from various eras lead a discussion about god, avarice and greed. The cinema-station “Promise of Happiness” portrays in a triple projection eight people – from millionaire right up to a person in a precarious condition of life -, who provide insights into their lives between money and happiness. Furthermore, Tweaklab planned and implemented various audio stations, such as for example “Confessional Boxes”, where the audience can eavesdrop on the whispered confessions of hoodlums and traffikers. Or the station “Standards of Value”, in which three objects are being explained via the handsets designed by Tweaklab, and people are encouraged to reflect on the relationship between price and value.

Exhibition concept: Stapferhaus Lenzburg
Exhibition design: Alain Rappaport

Duration of exhibition: 14.11.2014–29.11.2015