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  • Installation view, "enerige.wenden", photo: Deutsches Museum

  • Media station of the role play, "enerige.wenden", photo: Deutsches Museum

  • Ten players, "enerige.wenden", photo: Deutsches Museum

  • Smog simulator, "enerige.wenden", photo: Deutsches Museum

  • Smog simulator, "enerige.wenden", photo: Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum Munich, Miraikan und Citéco

In collaboration with teamstratenwerth Basel, Tweaklab developed and planned for the special exhibition "energie.wenden / energy.transitions" the center pieces of the audiovisual media technic at the Deutsches Museum.

With this exhibition the focus is on the crux of matters of energy supply displayed in a playful way. This, not only through exhibits and demonstrations, but also through informative media stations and through the focus on a central interactive role-play. The visitors encounter protagonists from the energy transition, played by actors. A woman which built hydroelectric power stations, a farmer or a lobbyist for atomic power talk to the visitors and invite them to make their own decisions of particular sociopolitical urgent themes. For example should a private home be heated with oil or with long-distance heating? Pros and cons of electric cars? The personal decisions are punched into a personal card. At the end of the tour through the exhibition the punched cards can be evaluated on one of the four terminals and the result is stamped onto the card. The result shows to which group of energy transition you belong to. For the realization of the punch press a prototype was developed by Tweaklab.

Other media stations include a digital periscope with which a live image can be overlaid with different smog levels, through turning a rotary switch on the handle, as well as a mock up of a Geiger-Mueller tube counter with which the visitors can measure the radioactivity of various objects. Other stations include a microscope that shows different types of solar cells and various audio and video stations with touch panels for language and video selection.

Commission: teamstratenwerth Basel
Programming (evaluation of the stencils): Undef

17.02.2017–18.08.2018: Deutsches Museum Munich
17.01.2020–29.03.2020: Miraikan – The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
18.02.–28.05. 2023: Citéco, Cité de l`Economie, Paris