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  • Videostill

  • Videostill "Doug and Walter" by Samuel Morris, Award winner 2014

  • Videostill "Doug and Walter" by Samuel Morris

Doug and Walter
Samuel Morris

The Shortrun Award 2014 as part of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur went to Samuel Morris for the fiction film project “Doug and Walter”.
The jury stated: “A B-movie shot in the Swiss Alps, a bit of a western, a bit of a road-trip – a joyful balancing act between genres. With natural dialogues, much situational humour and a good grasp of timing, Samuel Morris has convinced the jury with his film “Doug and Walter”. The script is surprising, laconic, cheeky and light-hearted, and it is bubbling over with ideas: To stop a robbery (almost) with a crossword-puzzle? That’s only the beginning…”

Tweaklab implemented the colour grading and the sound design as well as the audio mixing of the film.

Production: Filmgerberei
Camera operator: Andi Widmer