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  • Installation view, «BirdLife-Naturzentrum», Klingnauer Stausee

  • Installation view, «BirdLife-Naturzentrum», Klingnauer Stausee

  • Ausstellungsansicht, «BirdLife-Naturzentrum», Klingnauer Stausee

  • Installation view, «BirdLife-Naturzentrum», Klingnauer Stausee

BirdLife – Nature Centre
Klingnauer Reservoir

The Klingnauer reservoir is a water bird sanctuary of international importance and therefore a popular spot for ornithologists. Now a new BirdLife nature centre has been built on the site, which serves as a point of contact for questions and information about the Klingnauer reservoir. The surrounding area has been renatured and turned into a discovery trail where visitors can gain an insight into the native animal and plant species and their natural habitat.

In the exhibition, information about the formation of the reservoir and the protection of the floodplain is presented in a vivid way. The kingfisher, peregrine falcon and bluethroat are portrayed on three small screens. On a large screen, the entire flora and fauna of the area is depicted in the shape of a seedbox showcase. A smaller touch screen is used as a steering device: it filters the inhabitants by habitat or temporal occurrence and provides in-depth information on individual animals or plants.

Tweaklab was responsible for the planning, programming and installation of the entire media technology in the exhibition.

Scenography: netwerch
Location: Klingnauer Stausee, Kleindöttingen/Böttstein
New exhibition as of 25.05.2019