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  • Filmstill, "Opération Béton", Jean-Luc Goddard

  • Filmstill, "Grauzone", Fredi M. Murer

  • Filmstill, "Grauzone", Fredi M. Murer

  • Filmstill, "Zones", Fredi M. Murer

  • Filmstill, "Opération Béton", Jean-Luc Goddard

  • Installation view, "Beton", S AM Basel

S AM Basel

Concrete, on the one hand revered, on the other hand falling out of fashion, is nonetheless everywhere. With growing awareness, the ecological impact of mass construction is coming into focus. The exhibition highlights the many aspects of this pressing development.

Tweaklab was commissioned with the planning of the media stations and the preparation of the digital media, including creating a montage from Freddy Murer's film "Grauzone" and the encoding of Jean-Luc Goddard's film "Opération Béton".

Co-production: S AM, gta Archiv / ETH Zurich, Archives de la construction moderne / EPF Lausanne, Archivio del Moderno dell'Academia di Architettura / USI
Artistic direction: Andreas Ruby
Scientific direction: Sarah Nichols
Curatorial team: Sarah Nichols, Yuma Shinohara, Andreas Kofler
Scenography: Graber & Steiger Architects

Duration of the exhibition: 20.11.2021-24.04.2022