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  • Video still, Museum of Music Automatons

  • Video still, Museum of Music Automatons

  • Video still,

Automaton Music 4.0
Museum of Music Automatons

The Museum of Music Automatons is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Four themes will be particularly accentuated in this anniversary year and integrated into the permanent exhibition. Firstly, new life is breathed into the «world of automatons». This is followed by "cylinder music boxes" in July, "musical souvenirs" in September and finally "Swiss railway station music boxes" in December.
A 3-channel video projection with a 5.1 sound system plays in the room of the figure automatons and enchants with film clips of the exhibits in action. At the same time the audio track tells about the origin of the exhibited object, for example.

Tweaklab was commissioned with the media technical planning and installation. Tweaklab was also responsible for the implementation of the video content. Historical images were animated and are accompanied by informative, lively sound.
In addition, selected exhibits are illuminated synchronously during the show.

Location: Museum für Musikautomaten, Seewen SO
Scenography: Loosli Zehnder

Duration of the exhibition: 26.03.2018–01.03.2020