Tweaklab AG G√§rtnerstrasse 50
CH-4057 Basel
+41 61 386 98 28

Consulting and concepts

For media applications we advise our customers and create concepts in dialogue with one another. Together, we develop new ideas and solutions for complex tasks.

Media technical planning

We plan, evaluate appropriate and professional equipment and provide support for media installations from concept to physical implementation.

Product development

During our many years of working in this field, the development of project-specific hardware has become a key feature of our services.

Software solutions

We provide the know-how for the specific and efficient use of interactive media to convey content.

Audio production

We produce, edit, mix sound and voice recordings, edit existing audio material and create sound designs.

Video production

We conceptualise, film and edit videos, produce documentaries and develop museum guides.

Post production

We edit and optimise digital audio and video files and create 2D and 3D animations based on still images, photos and drawings.


Thoroughness and accuracy are our hallmark. We build simple and complex installations in exhibitions, private and public spaces.

Rental equipment

We rent professional video and audio equipment.